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Architectural designs, freehand concept drawing, architectural and urban concepts.


In each project I try to reconcile the individual needs of future users with the conditions of the place, so that the architecture is "rooted" in the landscape and at the same time is functional. The principles of universal design are extremely important to me, according to which space should meet the needs of all its users, regardless of the type of disability. I am guided by the principle that all limitations are not an obstacle but an inspiration. This makes each project unique.


Comprehensive interior designs, industry drawings, executive drawings of custom-made furniture.

The interior design includes functional plans, expansions of the walls of individual rooms, plans of ceilings and floors, industry drawings such as the arrangement of plumbing or the arrangement of electrical sockets and switches, executive drawings of custom-made furniture and visualisations.

It is possible to order drawings, graphics, and watercolors on special order for the designed interior.

Architectural and architectural-conservation inventories.

Before starting the interior design, it is necessary to make an inventory. Using a 3D laser rangefinder, the inventories are very accurate and take into account all wall deviations. It is especially important in the inventory of historic buildings. As part of the service, it is possible to make projections, sections, elevations as well as details or window and door carpentry of both modern and historic buildings.


Visualizations of architecture, interiors, products and other graphic services.

As part of the services, it is possible to order a visualization, as well as design for a large-format advertising banner or for purposes related to an Internet campaign, logo design or business card. This offer also applies to freehand concept drawings or freehand visualizations.

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